Thursday, December 22, 2011

A little nip and a little tuck

The Toolbelt Chronicles (now referred to as the TBC) got a little face lift.  One day I will spend a lot of time and make it really creative and beautiful, but for now - this will do. 

Why they change?  Well, here are my top 9 reasons:  (10 is so generic, so to be different, I will name 9.  Also, I couldn't think of a 10th reason.)

1.  I haven't talked about anything toolbelt related in quite awhile.
2.  I was getting sick of all of the earthtones.
3.  Sometimes you just need a change.
4.  Giving the TBC a face lift is cheaper and less painful than giving myself one.
5.  I'm nesting and so nothing is safe anymore.
6.  My husband is watching his 1,000th football game of the week and I'm bored.
7.  Other people have cuter blogs than mine and so I have "blog envy."
8.  I thought you would like it.
9.  Because I can.

If anyone would like to give me ideas, tips, free labor, etc toward a new blog design, I am open to suggestions as I'm sure I will be sick of this one very soon.

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