Sunday, February 5, 2012

You don't want to see mama get mad.

So much for this little boy coming early.  Tomorrow is my due date and I have decided that as of Tuesday, I will start charging him a daily late fee.  I am not giving up that he will show up today or tomorrow though.

Tuesday I have an ultrasound scheduled where they will check my fluid levels.  If they are low, they will induce that day.  If not, I go to my regular weekly doctor appointment where I am going to request they strip my membranes again....maybe I will pull out a cheer from my cheerleading days in elementary school about being AGGRESSIVE! 

If he doesn't show up by Monday the 13th, we have an induction scheduled; but let's hope that is unnecessary.  My doctor asked if I had an issue with being induced on the 13th because I guess a lot of people are superstitious to the point of avoiding giving birth on this day.  I let her know that I have no qualms about it, but now am wondering if I should have made a it big deal so she maybe would have scheduled it for the Friday before....probably not though. 

So, that's the plan.  Say your prayers for me, however, that he comes sooner rather than later. 

Boy, get out here STAT!  (you know I'm serious when I bust out my medical terminology...)

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