Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Diapers and Football

Upon learning that we were expecting, one of Steve's clients (who might be a genius) told him he had to throw a guy's diaper party.  I had never heard of such a thing, but this is what he told Steve, "I invited a group of guys over and we had a poker night, drank some beer, and every guy had to bring diapers.  I gave a prize for the guy who brought the most and we didn't have to buy diapers for almost a year."  Excuse me?  Come again?  No buying of diapers for almost a year?  Should we just have one of these parties or one a month of my entire pregnancy???? 

As the months grew on and each of my showers came and went, I would casually ask Steve if he was still wanting to have this party - attempting to sound indifferent but desperately willing him to say the answer was yes.  Finally, I explained to him that we would need to pick a date soon because this baby could come at any time now.  He said maybe during a playoff game would be a good time.  Perfect!  I told him I would make food, buy beer, and leave the house so they could have "man time." 

The party finally came last weekend and Steve got pretty involved with the planning of food.  He requested this Buffalo Chicken Dip (oh my gosh it's good!), Pioneer Woman's Whiskey BBQ Sliders (I'm afraid if he ever met Ree, he would run off into the sunset with her and never look back....as long as she cooked her face off), these Oatmeal Raisin Cookies, his special chili (I'll ask him if I can share the recipe sometime), and veggies and ranch dip. 

I went to a friend's house (whose husband came to the party), and was reassured that I can handle this one baby as I watched her gracefully mother her 3 little ones.  They are such well-behaved and sweet kids, I really hope they will be around a lot to be good influences on my little man. 

Before we knew it, my friend's husband come home saying the game was over.  Whoopsie...I didn't mean to camp out.  He gave me a quick run-down of how it went (apparently the guys were all trying to scare poor Steve into believing his life was about to end and would now only consist of baby toys and poop), and then I headed home to find this loot:

Holy Crap!  That is what 1254 diapers and a bunch of wipes looks like people!

That was only from 10 guys and...there are 2 guys who couldn't make it at the last minute but both had diapers for us.  How generous are our friends?!?!?!?!

Readers:  If you are expecting - HAVE ONE OF THESE PARTIES!  The guys had a great time and we saved a lot of money. 

I will repeat again, Steve's client is a genius.


  1. Awesome! As a word of advice, don't open the package until you are ready to use them! Jack is already out of NB and almost too big for size 1 (and he's only 12 weeks) you should be able to exchange them if you need to get bigger sizes... ;)

    1. It won't let me place my own comment so I'm commenting on Kristi's. :) She's right btw, don't open them, and Wal-mart takes anything back! And I had to say how flipping amazing this was. A-maz-ing!!