Saturday, January 28, 2012

Duck, Duck, Sucker!

So I realize that I have gotten pretty baby/pregnancy-heavy on this blog, and so to prove that I have other things to talk about, I decided to do one of my famous series (I like to imagine that things I do really catch on and actually become famous, so just go with it) featuring the ranch.

First, a little info about this ranch.  It is made up of 318 acres and about 150 of that is high-fenced (meaning it has an 8 foot fence to keep the deer in and preditors out).  Currently, Steve has some guys out there high-fencing the rest of the ranch which will give the deer much more room to roam and more food to eat.

A couple weekends ago, Steve and I drove up there for just a few hours to meet with the "dozer guy" who was delivering a lot of rock to put in the creek beds so animals can't get into the fenced portion of the ranch that way.  He also had to fix a corn feeder because there are hunters headed up there this weekend. 

Somehow, Steve also managed to fit some of this in:

Steve recognizes that shooting them off the water is cheating, but we were "meat hunting" not
"sport hunting" he says.

Just some pictures of the pond that is now duck-free.

My little hunter out checking another pond for ducks.

Quick story about the ducks:  Two of the ducks were injured and so while we were waiting for them to go into that great white light, we got some other stuff done and then came back looking for them.  We assumed at this point that they would be up against the bank and we could just go pick them up.  Well, they seemed to have gone missing.  We looked everywhere and then when we were least expecting it, one flew up from some bushes on the bank and flew away.  WTH?  He was seconds from his death 30 minutes ago?  How did this miracle happen?  Because of this instance, I will no longer say "sly as a fox," but instead will say, "sly as a duck."  1 point for the ducks, 5 points for us....too bad his friends weren't so sly.

I attempted to walk around the pond with Steve while he was retrieving ducks, but due to the large basketball that has attached itself to my abdomen, ducking under branches and staying sure-footed along the banks was much more difficult than it was like, oh maybe, 9 months ago. 

In an attempt to stay dry and to keep a branch from impaling my eye, I found a nice place to sit and watch Steve do his "hunting and gathering" that appears to come naturally to men.  Thank you early man.

This little guy kept me company for awhile until Steve brought over his first haul of ducks to watch over.  (I meant to take a picture of all of them together and to even do a post all about how to "clean a duck"...and I don't mean give it a bath...but I got tied up helping his dad connect to the internet and missed the entire duck cleaning process.  Next time, I promise.)

These are my newly designated Ranch Boots.  I bought them on a trip to St. Louis to visit a friend and wore them that night but haven't had a place to wear them since.  They seem to fit in nicely at the ranch.

So, the lesson for this post:

Ducks can be sneaky...but they sure are delicious.

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