Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Check this out...

Have you ever seen something more disgusting looking?  Well, you probably have, but let's pretend you haven't.  Now, what if I told you it's DELICIOUS?!?

A few years ago I got on a green smoothie kick and had to stop drinking them because all of the roughage was giving me some serious heartburn.  I know I don't eat enough fruit, and although I eat lots of veggies, we can always have more, right?  Well, this was the perfect solution.  My recipe is, bananas, frozen whole strawberries, lots of fresh kale and water.  Pretty darn healthy huh?

Last week, a friend told me she has been drinking them and it reignited the spark that green smoothies and I once shared.  We are reunited and it feels soooo good.  (Tastes good too!)  The first batch I made included celery and Steve was not a fan because he could taste the celery and thought it was just weird.  Well, this is a fresh celery-free batch, so I can't wait to see if I can get him on board. 

If you lack on your fruit and veggie intake, I HIGHLY recommend this.  It just tastes like a strawberry/banana smoothie (you seriously cannot taste the kale at all), and yet you get all of the health benefits of kale. 

Maybe I will branch out and add more fruit to my future smoothies.  Perhaps blueberries will be next.  Then it will really look like sludge...

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