Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Is it time?

Last night, as I was putting Davis to sleep, we had our usual chat about what we did that day and what we would like to accomplish the next day (really this is just a moment for me to smell all of his post-bath sweetness while he's swaddled and can't fight me off). Here is what we decided we wanted to do today:

1. Sleep and eat (those are always the first things Davis mentions wanting to do)
2. Take a nap in his crib
3. Cook dinner for our friend who is coming over
4. Read a story
5. Go for a walk

Nothing major; no babies being saved here, but it's nice to have a goal for the day. One day, my only goal was to remove my nail polish and repaint my nails. Sounds pretty silly, but it took all day to accomplish, and when I was done I felt great.

#2 came about because Steve was complaining yesterday about how tired he was and asked me how many times Davis was up in the middle of the night. I assured him it was just the usual 3:00 and then 7:00 (which Steve wasn't even here for), but he felt like the little guy kept him up all night. I have zero frame of reference, so this may be normal, but Davis is the LOUDEST sleeper (with the exception of Steve's melodic snoring....yea, I sleep great). Between the grunts, squeals, and whimpers coming from my precious boy, I can see how it would disturb Steve's sleep. It has seemed to have gotten worse lately, but maybe I'm just waiting for the real thing so these false alarms don't bother me as much.

I have been saying that as soon as he is down to only waking up once a night (yes, we go back to sleep after he eats at 7:00, don't judge), that I will move him to his crib. This is entirely for selfish reasons...purely of the convenience nature...but now I'm wondering if I should go ahead and make the change now so my hubby can sleep more soundly. The idea of a nap in his crib is to see how he adjusts.

Currently he sleeps in a nap nanny inside of his playpen. This came to be during the neurotic first few nights home when I was INSISTENT that he would spit up in his sleep and choke on it, so we needed to keep him elevated. I tried to remove the nap nanny once, but it was during a week where he was particularly fussy (read: cried every single waking moment) and Steve quickly put it back feeling if it would pacify him, it was worth it...then I never tried to take it away again. I'm wondering if he will nap fine swaddled and laying flat or if he will need the nap nanny in his crib for a little while.

Last night, was a particularly terrible night sleeping. OK, I have to make a confession. I am writing this as though it is Wednesday, and it is....but it is 3:30am on Wednesday and I am up for the THIRD time with him since 10:00. Yawn! I'm not sure what has affected Davis so terribly tonight. Here are my guesses:

1. He does not like the idea of moving to his own room and is trying to convince me that he is not ready yet. Although he is highly advanced, I'm not sure his powers of premeditated manipulation are really that strong at this point.

2. Steve's more severe than usual snoring (which has woken me a few times tonight triggering my arm to reach over and shake him until he rolls over...purely subconsciously) is disturbing his sleep. This is a strong possibility.

3. His feeding is screwed up because he keeps waking up more frequently than normal and therefore not wanting to eat as much in one sitting. This in turn causes engorgement (yes, I'm having an incredible can sign up in the comments section to trade places with me), and I read that babies can smell your milk and it will wake them up. This is also a strong possibility, and if the smelling my overflowing boobies is accurate, a very creepy and disturbing possibility.

If either 2 or 3 are the reasons for tonight, I guess the time has come for Davis to move out. Time to cut the cord mom.

Let me add a few more items to my list for tomorrow.

5. Move the glider back into Davis' room for middle of the night feedings.
6. Schedule a lot of reality TV for the DVR in his room so I can be entertained in the middle of the night.

Thanks for listening (reading) as I think out loud (type). I feel like I owe each of you $100/hour for the therapy....don't bother trying to collect, I won't pay.

Goodnight for a few hours...fingers crossed.

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