Friday, April 20, 2012

Europe or Bust

I am finally done packing - and let me tell you that was the most stressful packing I have ever experienced. I remember the days when my carry-on was full of books, magazines, and snacks for me. Now it is full of diapers, pacifiers, wipes, and a change of clothes for the little guy. In fact, he has 2 separate carry-ons. One with items we will need on the plane, and the other with items that we couldn't live without if our luggage was lost (bottles, diapers, formula, etc). I managed to sneak my iPad and makeup into that one.

As I was about to carry the bag Davis and I were sharing downstairs, I noticed it seemed pretty heavy and decided to weigh it. I almost cried when after all of my hard work it weighed in at 58lbs. Grrrr! I guess Davis gets his own bag. He must have overpacked.

I am so excited to revisit Paris and to experience Spain and Morocco for the first time. I plan to eat everything in sight and drink lots of wine. My diet and fitness regimen will have to start when I get back (there is a Tom James meeting at the end of June when I will have to be in a bathing suit).

We are hoping the group will decide to make a sign-up sheet for who will babysit each night. I think we already have Tuesday set up!

Well, see ya on the flip side...I'm Europe bound!

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