Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Davis has 4 passport many do you have?

My mom told me that everyone misses my blog.  She may have simply been referring to herself, but I am going to take her literally and believe that EVERYONE has missed me/my posts. 

Since I only have limited amount of time before my little angel wakes up from his nap, I'm going to make this one fast. 

We have been back from our vacation for a week now and Davis is finally overcoming his jet-lag and getting back on his schedule....just in time for us to go to New Orleans this weekend.  Whoopsie!

Davis was the PERFECT traveler.  He slept through 90% of the flights (there were 4) and hung out in his baby bjorn on all of our adventures.  Adjusting to the time change was a bit difficult, but after 3 nights, he was back on schedule. 

This trip was great for both Steve and I.  Steve got to spend a lot of time with his son which was so heartwarming.  I got a little break because Steve was super dad, and I also realized what a great baby I have.  Everyone commented on how well-behaved he was. 

Here are some highlights of the trip:

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