Monday, May 28, 2012

Happy Memorial Day!

Happy Memorial Day everyone!  I hope you all have enjoyed the long weekend and had some time to celebrate with friends and family. Most importantly, I hope you have spent some time thinking about what this holiday really means and remembering those who have given their lives so we have the freedom to BBQ (or whatever else you did this weekend). This day makes me really think about the family members who are left behind. We appreciate you and your loved one's sacrifice!

We went to our friends, Jim and Maggie's, house yesterday to grill out and swim in their amazing pool with some of their other friends who have kids. Davis was definitely the youngest one there, but he knew how to between naps. Steve and I kept watching the boys, who ranged from 20 months to 9 years old, and envisioned our futures. Oh boy.

Here are some pictures from Davis' first swimming experience. The water was as warm as his bath water is, so he probably thought he was just in a big bath and wondered why he had to wear so much clothing. 

I love his outfit!
Laughing at daddy
LOVES his daddy!
Just wanna kiss that handsome face. 
Keeping an eye on the bartender. 
That's how its done!
Trying to steal dad's margarita. 

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