Thursday, May 24, 2012

I guess if I was going to lose my husband to anyone...

I read several blogs written by moms who have multiple children, and I have NO IDEA how they do it.  I find it difficult to find the time to write a new post and I only have one baby.  I seriously need to step it up.

Mother's Day weekend (and yes, I'm just now writing about it....pathetic!), we flew to New Orleans to visit some of our close friends, Jacques and Barb.  They lost their home in Katrina and lived with Steve for several months back when Steve was living in this house all by his lonesome.  They rebuilt their house and it is absolutely gorgeous.  They have TONS of windows and Davis loved getting to look around all day.  Barb is also an amazing cook and so we have a tendency to overeat while we are there.  (We also tend to drink quite a bit too which is why I didn't want to visit while I was pregnant.)

As the weekend went on, and I was taking pictures, Barb and I started to realize that it seemed like Steve and Jacques were having a very "sweet" weekend together.  Look for yourself:

Doing a little shopping and feeding the baby.
Getting a pedicure.
Watching a little TV (that's Jacques in the yellow shirt).

And finally, doing a little baking.

They also went on a bike ride, but I didn't get any pictures of that.  They are so cute together.  

Davis also had his first play date with the little girl across the street.  He proved to not be such a great host though; falling asleep halfway through it.

Jacques kept watching me swaddle Davis and wondered what it would be like.  I grabbed a big sheet and showed him:

I think he liked it.

I guess if I am going to lose my husband to anyone, it should be Jacques. 

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