Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Tie one on Tuesday

At Baby Boot Camp, where Davis is one of only 3 boys and about 15 girls, the mommies of the gorgeous little girls decided to start having Tu-Tu Tuesdays, where each of them shows up in their most beautiful tu-tu.  It is a riot.  Well, not being one to be left out or out-done, Davis decided to start Tie one on Tuesday for the gentlemen.

Because it's hot out, and this was a mid-morning event, Davis opted for shorts, rolled up sleeves, and a loosened tie to keep things a little more casual.  As soon as I can find an orange and blue rep tie in his size, he will be ready to go rush ATO at UF.

We met up with Steve for lunch and Davis was ready to go to work with Dad.  They even matched a little.

Steve didn't go for "take your son to work day" today, but Davis isn't giving up hope.  Who wouldn't want to buy a suit from that face???