Monday, July 23, 2012

What happened to my baby?!?!?

What happened here?  Recently, Davis became 5 months old, outgrew his 3 month clothes, started eating solids, and had his first kiss.  Davis' personality is really starting to come out, and I like it a lot.  He is extremely easy-going, smiles a ton, and doesn't know a stranger.

His 3 month clothes aren't fitting anymore, so it is time to box them up and pass them on to his cousin.  This is making me very sad because he has the CUTEST 3 month wardrobe.  I mean, look at this:
All I know is someone is about to get some awfully cute hand-me-downs.

Davis has eaten several foods now.  So far, cereal = doesn't like, sweet potatoes = likes, broccoli = hates, carrots = not sure about yet, peas = seems to like, apples = likes, apricots = doesn't like, peaches = LOVES!

Here's the man in action:
Sweet Potatoes

Finally, Davis had his first romantic encounter with a lovely lady.  She is a little older and was more aggressive, but Davis really doesn't seem to mind:

He's growing up kids.

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