Friday, March 22, 2013

Let's Party

Well, it is a little late, but I still wanted to post about the little guy's first birthday.  I have started this post about 100 times in my head, sat down at the computer at least 20, and gotten distracted all 120 times.  Well, not today sister! 

The theme was Ties and Tutus.  Here is the invitation that I made (with the help of my handy assistant, Steve):

In case you can't read it, it says, "Little Davis is turning ONE, and wants to celebrate with you-you.  He's a fancy guy, so come on by, and wear your tie or tu-tu!"

 As per my usual, I prepared way too much food....we were eating fried mac and cheese balls for a week!

I made a ton of food, but apparently I was too busy eating to take pictures of it.  Picture this: Asian marinated chicken bites, venison sausage, hummus and veggies, baked avocado fries, fruit tray, cheese and crackers, pb&j sushi rolls, etc.
 The cupcake cakes.  I love the tutu!  The tie looks like a fish...
 I am so happy with how the cups turned out!  I found the stickers at Hobby Lobby and they came with a code to a website where you can design them.  So easy!
 Those pretzels dipped in chocolate, should be illegal.  Seriously more addictive than crack.
I found the tie cookie cutter on etsy (I also ordered a bow tie cutter which arrived the day after I baked them...grrrrr!) I found the cookie recipe on Pinterest, here.  They were delicious but I wasn't able to decorate them as much as I wanted.  That is completely due to my unsteady hand and lack of creativity.

 I found this number idea on Pinterest.  I cannot think of a more beautiful work of art and wanted to leave it up for all of eternity, but the tape started to give way, and after putting the pictures back on the wall about 1000 times, I finally surrendered.  I miss it.
 I also found the printable for these adorable party hats on Pinterest (does anyone see a theme here?).  They are so cute, but they took a long time to make and hardly anyone wore them.  Hindsight: just buy the hats or go without. 
(After re-reading this, and seeing the picture of it on my adorable little model...
it was worth every minute just for that picture.)
Yet another Pinterest idea was this adorable banner.  I took pictures from different stages of his life and put little party hats and ties on them.  I kept this and am still deciding where I will hang it until his High School graduation, then College graduation, wedding, and then my funeral.  Love!
 Davis was in high fashion and high spirits through the entire party.  He LOVES having people around him even if he is just sitting back watching the activity.
Who says the moms can't wear tutus too?
The cuteness of the babies in this picture is too much for me to handle.  Everyone came in their fanciest attire, which was so fun!
I mean, seriously, look at these two.  His suspenders killed me!
I put several clusters of balloons outside and, as I'm sure you can imagine, the kids had a blast playing with them.  I'm not sure which boy in this picture is having the most fun though.  
Then came the cake:
 Davis was not a fan.
"Hey mom, wanna grab me a wet wipe or something?"

His hat, tie and bloomers were purchased from this wonderful lady, Laura, at her Sprinkles of Love Etsy shop. She was fabulous to work with and the product could not have been more adorable.  I definitely recommend her.

All in all, it was a great party.  Davis' guests were WAY too generous
And we had so much fun with everyone!

Happy 1st Birthday little guy!

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