Thursday, September 5, 2013

Bribery gone Bad

Davis is obsessed with trucks these days.  I mean OB-SESSED!  He carries them around the house, sleeps with them, keeps them nearby when he eats and takes baths, and points out every single we see in the car.  Attempting to be a good, fun mom, I thought it would be fun to take him to the fire department to let him sit in the trucks, touch the wheels, and point and say "truck" 1,000,000 times. 

I have never made an impromptu visit to the fire department, so I figured it would be most effective to take them a tasty bribe.  One so delicious, that they will turn on the sirens, let him drive the truck, and even go on a call with them.  So, I bought all of the ingredients and slaved away during Davis' nap time (which is precious mommy time, so you know I was serious).

Feast your eyes upon this!  Chocolate cake with a layer of nutella, then a layer of homemade whipped cream, then a layer of macerated strawberries, then repeat.  If I told you I got this recipe from Pioneer Woman, would you be surprised?  No, I didn't think so.
I was feeling great about it until this started to happen:

 Do you see the cracks forming on the right? 

I convinced myself that it would be alright; that the heavenly nutella would hold it together.  I went upstairs to get Davis and came down to this:
No!  Tell me this isn't real!  All of my hard work. 

Then, to try to keep it from sliding onto the floor, I did this:
Yeah, that's better. 

I couldn't help but notice that someone perked up a little when he realized that I could no longer give the cake to the firefighters.

This look has 'guilty thoughts' written all over it.

Hey mom, let me see if I can help you with that.

Ahhh....that's better. 

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