Thursday, February 13, 2014

Why isn't this day a national holiday?

I may be becoming one of those people who dislikes Valentine's Day.  Not because it is commercial, makes lonely people feel suicidal, and leads to disappointment when your guy doesn't reenact a scene from a Nicholas Sparks movie, but because it out-shadows the most important day of this week...Davis' Birthday!

That's right, the big guy is 2. 

Look how tiny that little nugget was!
So handsome.
I think about this day 2 years ago.  It was the most painful, scary, overwhelming, exhausting day of my life.  I was terrified that I would ruin him; this perfect, innocent little baby.
He has FAR exceeded any of my expectations, and continues to everyday.
(you're welcome for covering my boob.)
We had his party this past Saturday at the fire station.  It was amazing!  All of the kids went crazy for the fire trucks.
They climbed all over the trucks, pretended to drive, and probably pushed a lot of buttons they weren't supposed to.
The fire fighters turned on the hose and let the kids spray a mop bucket between two cones. 
Davis took a break from all of his very serious fire training to hang out with his favorite girl.
Then the fire fighters did a fire safety presentation and one of them put on all of his gear.  The kids were mesmerized. 
After the fire station, we went back to our house for Chick-fil-A, pizza, and cake.  The perfect ending to a perfect day.
By the way, look at this amazing cake a friend of mine made.  I HIGHLY recommend her!  Adorable and delicious!
So, today we celebrate this little guy's special day.  He is such a sweet boy, and I can't wait to see what the next year holds. 




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  1. Show the boob! ;) I'm so glad he came along. He is a cutie! Happy birthday, little man!