Friday, February 14, 2014

I like nice things, sue me! (please don't really sue me, it's not a nice thing to do)

This is a conversation a friend of mine and I had over text today:

me: I was feeling back this morning because "things" truly do make me happy.  Maybe this makes me
shallow, but I like fancy things.

her: Me too.  I've been feeling bad about it too.  Was thinking of doing a 30 day no shopping challenge.  I need to find some fulfillment from something besides stuff. 

me: Like what??????

her: That's where I'm stumped!

me: Haha!

her: Baby steps.  I'll find something.

me: Let me know.  Maybe we can be each other's support system.  I'm just nervous for Steve to have a low credit card bill and then get mad that they aren't all that way.

her: Good point.

me: He's really forcing my hand.

her: I must agree.

me: Also, say we take a month off.  Will we just go off the next month to get all of the things we deprived ourselves of the previous month?  This is the way my brain works...

her: Mine too.  Maybe this is a bad idea.  I haven't thought it all the way through.

me: Don't let me be a bad influence.

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