Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Get skinny fast!

Let me begin this post by stating that the radio silence we experienced this last month was caused by my consideration for you.  You see, I feel as though my life has become quite dull, and I would hate to bore you with all of the mundane events. 

Funny how when you are living something, you believe it is dull; then I read other blogs and think, "there was a post there."  I don't know if that means I have expectations too high for my daily life, I believe my small group of readers have extremely high standards, or other bloggers just aren't afraid to bore people.  Either way, I'm back with several, long after the fact, potentially boring, posts.

My best good buddy (she is seriously one of my top 4 or 5 favorite people on this planet) invited me to be her plus one to her President's Club trip for work. (You can read more about this trip tomorrow....cliffhanger!)  In preparation for the trip, I planned to finally hit my goal weight; which has been just out of my grasp for about the last year.  I was going to increase my exercise and make better food choices....tomorrow.  As the final week before the trip approached and I had decided it was too late to make any real impact on my body, a friend of mine posted on Facebook that she was doing a 3 day juice cleanse before her trip to Mexico with a different group.  I was inspired.  There was a glimmer of light at the end of the dark, junk food filled, tunnel.

I somehow talked Steve into participating with me.  It went like this: "Hey, I'm gonna do a juice cleanse before Mexico to clean out my system and drop a couple pounds.  Wanna do I with me?" "Yeah, sure."
It was a real battle.

Step 1 was to acquire the juice.  I do not own a juicer and would not have made it past my first glass if made to make it myself, so I began calling juice bars around Houston.  My friend in Chicago who was doing the cleanse told me where she bought her juice, and they have a location here in Houston, but it is in the Galleria (which is a huge mall and a pain to visit for a quick errand), and I am lazy, so that option was out.  After many phone calls, I learned that Central Market sells fresh juice.  Davis and I loaded up and ventured out to the Organic grocery store.  Note: I feel like an idiot in those stores.  I can't find my favorite brands (Kraft, Velveeta, Sargento...I like cheese - sue me, and I don't know my way around.  Rule 1 of navigating a new environment: act like you belong.  I made sure Davis didn't have any processed foods in his possession, grabbed my reusable grocery bags, thought about clean living, and walked inside.  After doing about 10 laps just looking for the produce department (which is essentially its own building and can be accessed through a doorway barely wide enough to fit your cart through), I had my juice and was feeling confident...ish.

Day 1 wasn't so bad.  I think I was still high on doing something new.  The juice didn't taste very good, but really healthy food seldom does. 
Day 2 started to suck a little.  I just wanted to eat something - anything!  I missed the act of chewing and then swallowing food.  By the end of day 2 (remind you, this was only a 3 day cleanse), I had only lost 1 pound and Steve hadn't lost any.  Discouraged and hungry, we decided this was for the birds, and I made us a sandwich.  The sandwich wasn't very good, but eating it felt exhilarating.  We devised a plan.  Tomorrow we would juice all day and then have a celebratory sushi dinner to culminate the cleanse we had kind-of completed. 

With a little food in my belly and the knowing that I could eat again in a matter of hours, Day 3 was a breeze.  It was so easy, in fact, that I had big plans of incorporating juice into my daily life post-Mexico.  The plan was to drink juice all day and eat a healthy dinner.  Being a person of great discipline, I have not consumed a drop of raw juice since my return. 

Photo: One more day. #juicecleanse #thissucks #imissfood

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