Sunday, March 23, 2014

80's British Pub food

There is a small group of us (4 couples and our babies to be exact) who really love getting together, but with the hassles of life, we don't get to see each other enough.  I had the idea (sometimes I have really really good ones!) that once a month we should get together for dinner and we can rotate host houses.  After rescheduling a minimum of 4 times, we finally had a date set, and my friend, who makes me insanely angry because of how little weight she seems to have gained with her second are supposed to have more cellulite than that at this point!, offered to host since she will be having a baby soon and it would be awkward to ask her to cook dinner while running the risk of going into labor at any moment.  They are both from the UK and we were told the theme was 80's British Pub food.  I had no idea what that meant, but it sounded like there would be booze and fattening favorite!

One of the other lovely ladies in our group, Maura, asked me to come along with her to a trunk show at a boutique because one of her favorite Bravo-lebrities would be there, Courtney from Courtney Loves Dallas.  The real selling point was that there would be SWAG bags, and we all know I LOVE free stuff.  I was in! 

The event started at 4:00, so we told our husbands we would meet them at the Brits' house and to not forget the kids.  Actually, just my kid, lady luck scored a baby sitter.  As the event got closer, Maura got more anxious and kept pushing up the time she would pick me up.  The next thing I knew, I was basically being picked up at 5am....I kid....but we were very early.  So early, in fact, that they asked us to come back because they were still setting up.  We walked next door to the tiny boutique to a restaurant and had a glass of rose....very Real Housewives of Beverly Hills of us. 

After our glass of wine, we walked outside to find a line of about 15 people....what the hell!?!?!  We got in line for what was supposed to be 10 minutes, and an hour and a half later, were starting to get cranky.  They said they were waiting for the photographer to arrive..."hey girl, I have my iPhone, I don't need a photographer!"  As we stood in line, it seemed as though every single person the owners of this itty bitty boutique have ever known was just walking right in and enjoying themselves.  Doing mental math (and feeling quite confident since discovering my near genius IQ...more on that another time...cliffhanger!), I was wondering how many of us were going to fit in this teeny weeny boutique. 

FINALLY, the doors opened and we walked inside to find about 5 necklaces displayed from the jewelry line that was having the trunk show.  That was it...bizarre.  You couldn't even buy those pieces; you had to order something later.  I probably would have bought a piece if there was the option.  Oh well, instead we each scored the greatest pants there ever is or was. 

Go With the Flow- Mint

These things are life changing.  They had them in another color and I am thisclose to going back for them. 

We had a drink and wanted to get a picture with Courtney and get on our way.  Looking around there were all of these passive women cowering with iPhone in hand waiting for her to come up to them and ask for a picture.  This was NOT going to work for us.  Instead, we walked straight up to she and the jewelry designer and said, "hey, can we get a picture?" to which they obviously said yes, and we were able to get out of there.
The resulting image....
Photo: Gotta love a good #bravolebrity! #allthewireforpandc @thecourtneykerr @torigonzales_ @bravoandy
WTF.  Would someone please teach me how to pose.  I look horrendous.
We had plenty of time before our 80's British Pub dinner, so Maura and I headed to a bar where they had this delicious sangria that I think gave me more of a sugar high than a buzz.  Obviously I didn't mind, because I had two. 
Anyone keeping count, cause I think we are nearing the danger zone?
Arriving at the Brits' house, we decided that it was time to put on our new pants and get comfy.  We were already 4 drinks in and I couldn't be expected to balance in wedges anymore.  Standing in front of their house like idiots in our matching pants, we were ringing the doorbell on the gate and receiving zero response.  We were out there for about 10 minutes ringing that bell!  I knew our husbands were there....LET US IN!
Finally someone came to the door only for us to learn that we had gotten the time mixed up and were over an hour early.  I hated us on behalf of our friends.  What jerks we are!  We made ourselves at home and were promptly served the strongest margaritas I think I have ever had.  
Here's me with the host:
Photo: Me and my boyfriend Jack. I think he likes me.
He seems just as thrilled that we were early.
We went on to have the most amazing meal (and several glasses of wine).  It was black bird pie, shrimp cocktail with Russian dressing, and an amazing cake.  I ate a ton!  When I say this, I'm not saying it the way an annoying tiny girl eats a piece of pizza and says, "oh my gosh, I ate so much," I mean that I may have eaten more than any of the men at the table. 
The other two toddlers in attendance went to sleep before we even ate.  My little guy, played like it was the best night of his life. 
Photo: Only my kid voluntarily plays in the gated off area during a play date. #trucks
Steve and I were the first to leave so we could get Davis (and maybe myself) to bed before there was a meltdown.  Turns out we missed Jenga.  Damn!

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