Friday, March 21, 2014

Merry Christmas

Every year for Christmas, my mother-in-law and I go back and forth about 20 times trying to figure out a time to get the entire family together for dinner. 

The first year of our marriage, we all went to the ranch for Christmas day.  Trying to get 15 people to the middle of the country 2 hours from Houston for a meal was like herding cats.  Most everyone was about 2 hours late, the rest of us were starving, and then almost all of the group drove back to Houston a couple hours later.  This just seemed silly. 

The following year, I was 8 months pregnant and definitely not in a place to try to go to the ranch for a meal.  I suggested that rather than 15 of us driving up there, that my 2 in-laws drive to Houston.  Because of the fact that I was big as a house, exhausted, short of breath, moody, and in pain all over my body, my sister-in-law offered to host the dinner.  We all got together and it was great. 

The last two years, I have offered to have it at our house.  This works great for me, because I love to cook, love to have people over, and don't have to worry about Davis and all of his high maintenance toddler requirements (Also, I love being at home; I would never leave the house if I didn't have to). 

Last year we got together right after the new year.  I made stuffed pork tenderloin, grilled lemon zucchini, twice baked potatoes, a corn dish that I can't remember the name of, and a couple other things that are slipping my mind.  Everyone seemed to enjoy the food, and I got to stay in the comfort of my own home. 

This year, we weren't able to get together until March 1.  Merry Christmas!  Steve's parents had their 55th anniversary on the 28th, so we decided it would be an anniversary party instead.  This year's food theme was Mexican.  These Callaways love Mexican food.  Like could eat it everyday, love Mexican food.  (It's a Texas thing...we Floridians just don't get it.)  The main reason I chose this theme is because it is super easy.  I made a pot of spicy pinto beans, Mexican rice, fajitas (some with my favorite Dr Pepper shredded pork), and crème brulee

My in-laws arrived on Friday and I took my MIL to get her hair done by my fabulous hairdresser.  He did my hair for my wedding and I have gone to him ever since.  We talk about travel and the real housewives, and he gives me wine.  Heaven!

My MIL had informed me that she wanted to go gracefully grey.  She had red hair growing up and has continued to dye it red.  I suggested highlights and she agreed informing me that she and my SIL were going to do it at home.  TERRIBLE IDEA!  I had friends who tried to give themselves highlights.  You want to see what a hair disaster looks like?  Give yourself highlights out of a box.  Upon hearing this, I panicked and told her to go to my guy and that it would be my treat; this is how passionately I believed doing it at home was a horrendous idea. 

This was the first time my MIL had ever gone to a nice salon to get her hair done and isn't something she would ever treat herself to.  I was so happy to be able to do it for her....and I was able to have several glasses of wine.  While she was getting her hair shampooed, I pulled my hair dresser aside to find out what I owed him.  I knew that if my MIL knew how much it cost, she would have a minor heart attack.  I said he was good, never said he was cheap.  She looks like a new woman and says she is the hit of their small town, so it was worth every penny. 

Before everyone came over for dinner the following day, my in-laws, Steve, Davis and I went for a walk.  We wondered into this bird place that is near my house (I can hear those disgusting beasts constantly screeching), and this happened:  Birds scare me  I instantly realized why I had never been there before and why I will never be back!

Dinner that night was great.  All of the food was fantastic! (What would I do without Pioneer Woman?)  Here's the group shot:
Photo: My in-laws' 55th anniversary dinner.

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