Tuesday, May 3, 2011

When I grow up....

I want to be the Pioneer Woman.  Tonight I made another one of her recipes and it was deee-lish.  She posted the recipe and instructions for Spicy Dr. Pepper Shredded Pork back in March and I have been dying to make it ever since.  Dr. Pepper is referred to as 'crack' in this house because Steve and I can not control ourselves when it is around, and pork is delicious any way it is made (except for ham....I'm not a big ham person).

I followed her instructions as usual and here are my thoughts.  If you like spicy, add all of the peppers she instructs....they have a kick to them.  It's a spicy that hits you in the background, which is how I most like spicy food, so that was a win.  Winning.  haha  If you aren't huge into spicy, I would still add the peppers, just cut back some.  I opted for the brown sugar that she suggested because I love me some sweet BBQ.  I seemed to help cut the spicy-ness but didn't really make it sweet though.  The Dr. Pepper tenderized the meat so it really just fell apart after cooking for a little over 6 hours...yum yum yum.  Unfortunately, the 23 flavors that make up the deliciousness of Dr Pepper didn't come through in the meat as I had hoped, but the syrup and the acids did their work on this meat.

We made tacos with the meat like she did...not because she did, but because we live in Texas and NEVER eat Mexican, so we thought we'd try something new.

This meal passed Steve's test with flying colors...which is a good thing because there are lots of leftovers.  Perhaps I'll freeze some to save for a rainy day.  I love pulling something that takes a lot of time to make (chili, this, etc) out of the freezer and getting to eat it again without having to do all of the work.
P.S. I registered for a dutch oven when we got married and am sooooo glad I have it.  If for no other reason than that it is the easiest thing to clean in my entire kitchen.  Had I used a regular pot for this dish, it would probably be soaking over night to get all of the yummy cooking remnants off, but I was able to clean this dutch oven as soon as I was done eating with nothing more than a kitchen sponge (I compare it to the ease of cleaning my crock pot).  If you don't have one and you cook meals like this, get one, it's a good investment. 

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  1. Kristi!~So glad you are now hooked on the Pioneer Woman like me! Is she the bomb or what! I want Barbara Roy to check her out too! Get on her about that! I have turned Noel on to her as well. My other sister, Joy and I love to try her recipes. Here is the latest one we made- so good and so easy!
    Have a great weekend!
    Mama Holli