Thursday, July 18, 2013

My life is a mess!

Well, maybe not my life, but the hidden nooks of my house are.  You've seen it before; you walk into a home and it looks so nice and neat, then you open a closet/cabinet and wonder if you just teleported to the home of a hoarder.  Steve and I don't fight much, but if I think about our garage or the closet situation in this house, steam starts to shoot from my ears.

I have zero closet space in this house.  Steve is a closet hog!  I have approximately 1/3 of our walk in closet and the guest closet.  Steve has 2/3 of our closet, the 2 big hall closets, and the garage.  What's wrong with this picture????

Thanks to the help of my good buddy, Pinterest, I felt inspired to organize the little bit of my life in which I have control.

I started by organizing our medicines:

I opened the closet to put my new drawer'o'pills on the shelf, I saw this:

Seriously!? What's the point?  I thought, "maybe once I put it on the shelf, it will make more of a difference."

Well, not really.  I know!  I know exactly what to do to organize this! 
TA- DA!!!!

I also decided to organize all of our important papers so they will be in one place if I ever need to find them.  
Just like everything else, this has created more projects for me.  I now have to find all of said 'important papers' so they can be easy to find.

This will be the box that "in case of fire" you grab as you run out of the house.  As kids, my brothers and I were each assigned photo albums to carry with us through the blaze.  3rd degree burns will heal, but family photos can never be replaced.  Thank goodness we now have social media so Davis doesn't have to live like this:
Cartoon of man in hospital with full body cast Royalty Free Stock Vector Art Illustration

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