Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Things I Need Professional Help For

Do you ever do something and then think to yourself, "This probably isn't normal.  Do other people do/think this?  Do I need professional help?"  Not that I ever do this, but a "friend" of mine has some quirks that may be leading to a psychotic break.

For example:
If I go into a bathroom that has a shower curtain, I absolutely must look behind the shower curtain to make sure no one is hiding in there to kill me.  As if I don't feel vulnerable enough sitting on the toilet, now I have to worry about murderers.  I'm not even sure I ever saw the moving Psycho in it's entirety, and in the movie a lady gets killed in the shower, not by someone hiding in the shower and killing her on the pot.  Sometimes I don't even trust my initial check and have to check again while I am using the potty. (Oh, crap...I mean "my friend.")

Along the same lines as the above fear, I also have a fear that while using the bathroom a snake or bug (mostly a snake) will come up out of the toilet and bite me on the booty.  This is also a thought that flashes in my mind whenever I flush a bug, "this guy will probably come back to bit me on the ass one day."

While laying in bed, if I hear a noise or get a weird feeling, I start planning my escape route in case of an intruder.  I obviously, for security reasons, cannot tell you my plan, but let's just say it involves grabbing the gun, my cell phone, and my son before going to my hiding place.  If Steve is out of town for the night, this is basically all I think about all night.

If someone starts to cut me off in traffic or almost hits me, like a movie, my mind continues to play out what could have happened....always the worst case scenario.

I always have my most brilliant ideas while sitting on the toilet.  (Apparently, a lot of my issues start with the toilet.)  For this reason, I believe all politicians should have toilets in place of desk chairs.  Feel free to take that in any way you would like....I meant it in all of those ways.

I cannot remember anything I learned in school, or even learned yesterday, but I can tell you what color shirt you were wearing when we went to lunch 8 years ago.  My mind is completely full of useless information and celebrity gossip...no room for facts and intelligent information.

If I start watching a TV series, even if I start to hate it, I have to finish it otherwise it will eat at me forever.  I pulled the plug on Lost in it's last season and it still bugs me.  I'm sure I will end up watching it eventually just to put my mind at ease.

Those a just a few of my issues.  Needless to say, a therapist could have a field day with me.  Instead, I choose to just burden you all with my problems.  Thanks for your help and support!

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