Thursday, December 9, 2010

And now, what you've all been waiting for...

While working at the house yesterday, I had a visit from the neighbor on the other side.  She was dropping off some information she thought I might need.  It was for high-tech, video surveillance systems.  Really?!?!  You do realize this is a 1,400 sq ft house built in the 60's, not a multi-million dollar mansion full of valuables?  Glad to know the neighbors aren't paranoid.  The neighbor with the boat in her yard told me that the people on the street are a little crazy about security and they have all kinds of neighborhood watch groups.  I'd say they are doing a pretty good job since they called the cops on our day laborers who returned to collect the "treasures" we gave them while cleaning out the house.  Thanks but no thanks nice neighbor-lady, I think we'll skip the cameras for now.

Here are the most recent pictures of the house.  There are some things I am happy with, and some need some help, which you will be able to see.  All in all, I refer to this album as, "Really?!?  Really?!?" 
The front of the house looks a little better.  I got all of the wandering jew out of the potters (before you call me a racist, I didn't name the plant.), trimmed the sago palms, Marco and Polo painted the front and replaced the fascia boards.  They also redid the ceiling of the carport.  This was some of their best work.  I will be finishing the planters and pressure washing in the near future.

I long for the day that I don't have a trash trailer and a toilet in the carport.  Notice the absence of the "Great Wall of Oppression".  Thanks Stevie.

The white on the walls are Marco's attempts to correct the drywall problems.  He did a nice job on the floor tile though.  We still need to replace the bar.

The dining area with the new light fixture.  Notice, more "repairs".

The living room with some more "repairs".  Also please note the evenness of the wall paint.  Glad to know we can't see roller marks or anything.  (It looks MUCH worse in person, trust me on that one!)  Obviously, all of the hardwoods are getting refinished.

The hall.  Just need to clean the doors and touch up a few places.

Bedroom #1 is actually in good shape.  Except however, for that nice line of paint going down the middle of the room.  Thanks for that guys.  Guess we need to refinish the floors in this room too.  Really?!?
Bedroom #2 is also in decent shape.

Don't even know where to start on this bathroom.  Please take notice of the proximity of the cabinet to the toilet.  No fatties can rent here.  Also, notice the baseboard to the left of the cabinet that we marked with tape.  There is a good 1 1/2" gap between the baseboard and the cabinet.  In case you were wondering, yes, the cabinet does in fact overlap the baseboards on the other side so it does not sit flush against the wall.  Really?!?

New shower doesn't look so bad......wait for the close-up.

This is the small wall where he painted over wallpaper and applied no texture so it didn't match the rest of the house.  This is his idea of applying texture.  He did such a great job, he got texture all over my new shower tiles, the tile floor, the baseboard, just about everywhere but on the wall properly.  Also, check out the door hinge.  Don't be jealous of that drippy paint look....even though we do have it all over the house.  REALLY!?!?!

Master Bedroom is in good shape.  We just need to remove the fan.  We only asked for that to happen about 10 times, but I can see how the point didn't get made.  No biggie...that's my fault.  I won't show you the closet where the strategy was just to spray EVERYTHING with primer.  It's like a big white snowball.  Very chic right now.

Master Bath is ok except that there is WAY too much texture on the walls. I asked for the least amount of texture possible and it looks like grass on the walls.  Oh well.  At least the tile looks good.  I didn't zoom in but the brand new sink has pant, texture, and liquid nails all over it.  I think they charged extra for that.

Thanks for the presents guys!  I always wanted 6 dirty buckets of paint.  One of them even has paintbrushes floating in it.  Also, thanks for the white grass.  Green grass is so last year.  REALLY!?!?!

Do you like the way the new door frame fits.  We put this tape up, it never moved, and he was ready to paint.  REALLY?!?!?!?!?! 

I'm glad he redid the white area because the corner looks AWESOME!

The runny goopy look in the corners is also very popular this year.  You guys better get to work on your houses if you don't have this feature.

The infamous outlet that I showed Marco asking if he thought this looked good.  To which he said no.  I'm so glad he patched the bottom though and left the rest.  I think right after we talked about this is when we agreed we should part ways.  REALLY!?!

The corner looks like a mouse got ahold of it.

I particularly like this picture because it shows not only the great job done on the walls, but also the accuracy and care with which our brand new baseboards were installed.  Their attention to detail is unparalled. 

I told him he needed to fill in the 1/2" between the tile and the walls because the gap was not ok.  This was his solution.  If you look closely you will see he took a glob of grout and put it in the right corner of the hole leaving the rest alone.  There are 3 other areas like this that didn't get any attention. The wall in the picture is pretty impressive also.  REALLY!?!?!?!

I hope these pictures proved I'm not overreacting.  UGH!

If you live in the Houston area and like what you see, I will give you the number of Marco and Polo.  They are awesome and always do EXACTLY what you ask them to do.  

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