Friday, December 17, 2010

Not exactly the Sistine Chapel

So the past 2 days, I have gone to the house and worked with Dale.  He is such a godsend.  He has had to redo all of the plumbing work that Marco did as well as help me with other tasks.  He has also started calling me boss, which you know I LOVE!  :)  The best part of having him around (besides the labor) is that he gives me little tips and tricks.  Turns out, I could fix some of what Marco did to the texture of the walls with just a sponge and some water.  I went to town and now the walls no longer look like they are fields of grain. 

Yesterday we spent the day repainting the inside.  Thank God Dale was there to help.  If I had to trim and roll everything, I would have been there all week...and it wouldn't have looked all that great.  Instead, I repainted the areas where Marco had re-textured (and then I smoothed out) with one coat, we went to lunch, and when we got back, he trimmed and I rolled.  We finished in 3 hours!  The walls look so much better!  They aren't perfect because of the way Marco and Polo rolled the texture, but it will do.  There were a few spots where I got carried away and the roller hit the ceiling, but it can be touched up.  Of course, these were the incidents that Dale mentioned to Steve.  Hit the ceiling 3 times and you never live it down.  Well, Mr. Perfect, let's not forget the spots you missed and will need to go back to touch up!

It has also been a lot of fun getting to know Dale better.  I can definitely see why he and Steve are so close.  They are pretty opposite in personality, so they complement each other well. 

Last night Steve and I cleaned up a little bit and grocery shopped for the Christmas party tonight.  Today I need to go find an ugly Christmas sweater, mop and dust the downstairs and then start the rib roast.  (I should probably get started instead of writing this...)  After we were done cleaning, the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills came on.  I am such a fan of all of the Real Housewives Franchises (well, I don't really watch Atlanta that much...but it's always entertaining to see where Kim stands with Big Papa and what new wig she is wearing)!

Last night's episode was great!  In case you didn't watch, here's a little recap.  Camille Grammar had a dinner party with all of the girls and invited her friend/makeup artist and her medium (they created and produce the show Medium and it has based on her life).  She said several times how her medium gets very opinionated when she drinks, and she loves to drink, and that she also invited her because she provides good conversation.  Well, toward the end of dinner the medium was so drunk she pulled out this electronic cigarette and began puffing away at the dinner table.  It was the most insane/trashy thing I had ever seen.  Then she started telling the girls that she is not on the clock so they shouldn't be asking her about her "talents"....I thought that's why she was invited!  Finally, Camille tells the group that this lady can tell you if your husband is having an affair.  Hey Camille, how did that work out for you?  Did she tell you about Kelsey's girlfriend?  Just wondering...

This particular version of the show is like make believe to me because they are so ridiculously wealthy, no normal people have these same issues.  If you aren't a fan, I recommend it to serve as mindless entertainment as well as an ego boost when you realize how sane you are in comparison. 

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