Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Ding Dong the House is Done! ...well, almost

All of our hard work is paying off.  After working all day today, Dale and I did a lap around the house and decided we were done.  As we were getting in our cars, I realized that part of the fascia board didn't get painted so he offered to stay and paint it really quick.  I was feeling so great about having it done and then remembered a few more things that need to be done.  I called Dale and we decided we will be there in the morning again as usual tomorrow.  Here are some new pics of our latest work:

All I have to do is put the burners on the stove now.
 All of the white painting is what I did yesterday.  Go ahead, be impressed.

Steve's hard work on the back yard.

Full Bathroom with the fixtures in place.

Shower.  It looks better in the pictures.  It will work though.

Master Bath with it's fixtures.

One of the last things I wanted Dale to do was install the doorbell.  The house came with the greatest doorbell.  It even has a mallet so you can play it (which I have done quite often).  After we figured out which wires attached where (they weren't colored so we couldn't just match them up), we found that every other time it plays it either doesn't play the first 2 tones or the last 2 tones. 

This is what we are left with.  Fail!

Take 2


  1. Lookin good Davis!! That doorbell is a hoot and gives it character (although I couldn't get the first video to play).!

  2. It looks great! That doorbell reminds me of the one we have, it has just 2 bells though that stand up like windchimes. I'm sure you're on it, but I noticed there's no shower curtain rod in the bath - you're going to want one of those :)