Monday, December 20, 2010

Bring on the Vino!

So after working all last week on the house, taking a short break to throw a Christmas party, and then working at the house for the last 3 days, I am officially EXHAUSTED!  I got home today and my entire body ached.  Steve called on his way to the last appointment of his day and suggested I make myself a drink.  My husband is a GENIUS!  I poured myself a glass of wine and I already feel so much better.  Let's just hope I don't get carried away with this miracle drug and feel like crap in the morning.  (It's been known to happen once or twice before...)

The Christmas party was a good time.  We had great food, tacky outfits, and useless presents.  What else could you ask for in a party.  Oh yeah, there was plenty of booze too!  Here are some of the prom pictures I took at the party:

Christen and Kelly Beckham.  Kelly committed to his outfit all the way down to his hairstyle.  This brought me such joy.

Jennifer and Alex Homer.  Salt and Pepper as he referred to them.  I think he's more like Seasoned Salt.

John and Marie Weatherford.  This couple is amazingly funny and brought us camouflage stockings with our names on them so they got some extra brownie points from me.

I have no words to explain Steve's sweater.  The sad thing is that this was not bought as a joke.  He has 3 sweaters similar to this in his closet left from "when they were in style" aka....never.  Good Lord.

Joy and Kevin.  They get extra points for their authentic prom pose and Kevin's sweet stache.

Greg and Catherine.  She offered me her sweater as a hostess gift, I told her NO THANK YOU!!!

After buying her shawl, Christen realized it was actually a tree skirt.  So, we decorated her.


Very chic Alex.  If you look closely at the bottom left corner, you will see the chocolate treat I made for everyone.  Very Betty Crocker of me.

The winners of the prize possibly valued at $175,000 were the Weatherfords.  Although Kelly's outfit was my favorite of the night, both couples were asked to walk the catwalk for us and Kelly turned into Wilma the Wallflower and the people turned on him.  Turns out he didn't miss out on much though because the scratch offs weren't so lucky and the possible $175,000 was actually worth $0.00.  

Here are a few of the phenomenal gifts that were given:

The real question is, Who DOESN'T want an Ed Hardy wall clock of a koi fish?

I think Marie was offering herself as a gift.

Very appropriate.

Some accessories for her tree skirt.

It seemed appropriate that our token Brit got the Beatles glasses.  The Elvis coasters were just a bonus.

After Kathryn stole his bug zapper, John got this treasure.

OOOOHHH SNAP!  Sanjay stole the Ed Hardy clock!

Max's flask has a picture of an old lady on it that says, "Drinks well with others."  Something tells me a few of my friends will model for this flask in the future.  Just sayin....

Greg's body sprays are supposed to give him a six-pack.  Stay tuned for the "after" shots.

Well, there you have it.  Our first party was a success.  I was told by a co-worker that I did a great job as the first Mrs. Callaway.  I guess there will be others.  :)  She claims she meant the first party as Mrs. Callaway....yeah right.


  1. I'm so upset that we didn't attend this party. If only we lived 6000 miles closer. :(

  2. Hi Kristi, the party looks like fun. You deserve it after all the hard work on that house. Merry Christmas!!