Sunday, December 12, 2010


Yesterday I met Dale at the house at 9:00.  He had already been working for a little bit and I quickly jumped in pulling staples from the hardwoods so they will be prepped for refinishing.  Steve was duck hunting with a friend and wouldn't be to the house until noon.  You don't need to re-read that sentence, you read it right the first time; while his friend and his wife were slaving away, he was duck hunting.  I didn't know Dale was unaware of Steve's morning activities and when I told the avid hunter that Steve should be done duck hunting soon, he was speechless.  It just gave us more material to use against him so we'll take it. 

I walked Dale through the house showing him the "work" that had been done and asked him if it would be difficult to move the bathroom counter that was placed improperly because it had already been secured.  When he looked at the plumbing and turned the sink on, he noticed it was leaking.  Immediately, I got a pit in my stomach realizing how much plumbing Marco and Polo did and because this was the easiest of the plumbing projects, I was nervous about the quality of the others.  Dale then went to check the plumbing on the tub.  I had to leave the room....this could be a disaster.  He only let the water run for a short period and noticed a leak immediately.  The water was leaking under the brand new tub!  Best case scenario, Dale could fix the plumbing through the access in the wall, worst case, the entire tub and some of the tiles would need to be pulled so he could access the drain easier.  I was so mad!  I specifically asked Marco multiple times if he knew how to do this work because I had a plumber coming and we could wait for him.  He told me he knew how to do the bathroom but didn't feel comfortable doing the kitchen sink.  I thought he was being honest but now looking back I think he wanted to do the bathroom himself so he could rush through the job and didn't want to do the kitchen because it wasn't holding up any projects.  UGH!

We took an inventory of the materials he would need to fix these 2 things and went for the first Home Depot run of the day.  It is so different going with Dale.  When the employees approach me to see if I need help, I can honestly say, no.  He knows exactly what to get and we are in and out of there in 10 minutes.  I didn't know that was possible. 

We headed back to the house and he spent the next 3 hours repairing the tub.  Apparently the pipe was in pretty bad shape and Marco's solution was to put a new pipe inside of it and glue it together.  I can't believe that didn't work!  Dale had to chisel the edges of the pipe by hand because of his limited access and even used a blow torch at some point.  I kept myself busy pulling staples so I wouldn't get in the way.  As Dale was finishing up, Steve showed up ready to work.  He started removing the door latch plates from each door frame, because approximately 15 coats of paint had been applied to them, using an electric screwdriver.  I wanted to help but was only equipped with a regular screw driver and my brute strength.  I'll give you one guess who removed more of them....  :)

The guys went to take the trash trailer to the dump (finally!) and I made run #2 to Home Depot.  This trip took much longer than the previous one, but I choose to believe it is because I had a longer list.  I got back to the house and the guys were already back, with the full trailer.  Fail!  Apparently the dump closed at 12. 

After we worked for a little while more, we decided to call it a day and took Dale to one of Steve's client's properties on Galveston Bay to go fishing.  Steve immediately caught 4 keepers in a annoying.  Dale and I didn't even get a bite.  Then Dale caught several keepers while I still didn't get a bite....what is that all about??!!  I was skeptical about going because there was a cold front coming through and I didn't want to be cold.  What I didn't consider were the 30mph winds that came along with the front.  One minute we are standing on the dock (which is still in less than stellar shape since Ike) fishing in slight winds and then less than an hour later we are having to stand 4 feet back from the edge because waves were crashing over the dock, adding weights to our lines only to be able to cast them about 10 feet, and struggling to stand up.  The funny thing is, we started catching more fish in this weather.  I finally got a keeper and Steve and Dale each got 1 more.  We called it quits just in time because the wind continued to get worse.  10 keeper trout in an hour and a half isn't bad though. 

I was able to snap this picture of Dale just before the wave hit him.  haha...

Dale and I made plans to work on the house more this week.  I think we will be able to get most of the work done ourselves and will just need someone to come in to finish the floors.  Looks like I will be painting this week.  Can't wait! 

When we got home, Steve started cleaning the ducks he killed in the kitchen.  I have decided that our next house MUST have an outdoor cleaning area for his fish and birds.  As much as I love finding feathers and fish scales around the kitchen, I would prefer them stay outside.  I was intrigued while watching him clean them and helped out with a few by pulling feathers.  I'll check that experience off the list but don't think I need to do it again. 

On a side note, my good friend Amanda had her baby girl today!  Welcome to the world Collins Cleland!  I can't wait to meet you at the end of next month!!!!!

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